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Up for the challenge?

Your Best of British Adventure

As you log your steps online, you and your teammates will get a special glimpse behind the scenes of all the pop culture icons, landmarks and historic moments in time that have shaped mighty Britannia!

You will explore the hidden tunnels of Dover and the secret societies of Cambridge, bathe in the warm, mineral-rich waters of Bath, live the seaside experience of old at Brighton Beach, all while mastering English tea etiquette and discovering just where English pub names come from. Before you know it, you’ll be keeping court with the Queen and comparing steps with Big Ben’s Clock-Tower Guide!

With more spice than a British Indian curry, the Best of British challenge will capture your imagination and have you lacing up your Dr. Martens!

So, here's how it works...

The 10,000 Steps UK workplace challenge invites you and your fellow staff members to record your all-day pedometer steps and physical activity (optional) for 10 weeks.

  • First, you register for your challenge. Your Team Captain or Coordinator will organise you into teams.
  • Then we equip you with a G-Sensor Pocket Pedometer with a detachable waist clip (or you can link and sync your Fitbit, Garmin or Misfit activity tracker.)
  • Each day, you and your teammates log If using a pedometer or sync if using a connected device your daily step count.
  • As steps are logged, your team progresses across the virtual challenge map reaching selected locations along the way. With a click of the mouse, you can view photos and facts on each exciting destination and even catch up on some health and walking tips.
  • You can view your own team and your favourite teams on the virtual challenge map.
  • You can even see who’s topping the charts on your virtual workplace Leaderboard.

Move more, sit less...

Each morning, many of us wake from an 8-hour lie down, only to prepare for an 8-hour sit down! With this in mind, we designed a 10,000 steps workplace pedometer challenge that gives you everything you need to get up out of that desk chair, move more and sit less. We’ll give you access to personal tracking tools, virtual milestone medals, mini-activity challenges and walking tips that will engage, motivate, reward your participation and ensure you get a real sense of achievement – not to mention the health benefits – from your 10,000 Steps UK challenge.